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Month Registration Deadline Interiim Verification Final Verification Resubmission Deadline
May-20 31/01/2020   19/05/2020  
May-20 31/01/2019   19/05/2020  
Please send portfolio assessments to arrive by the dates above. Interim assssments should be copies only.
If candidates are already registered with us on the new scheme please include the OCR candidate no. which can be found on the portal in the results section. This may avoid incurring additional OCR registration fees and ensure that achievement of all skills will be recognised as a full award.

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NVQ Languages Candidate Registrations
ID Language Level Scheme Code Yr Group Sub Month   Candidate Forname Candidate Surname Date of Birth Gender ULN No S1 L1 R1 W1 S2 L2 R2 W2 S3 L3 R3 W3 Comments Ethnic Origin SLDD

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